Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Latest Trailer


With E3 less than a week away, we’ve acquired a surplus of new content to show you, including an electrifying trailer, and a variety of screenshots highlighting exotic new enemies and the action-orientated battle system.

If that isn’t enough, you’ll get a sneak peek of the city of Yusnaan, a glamorous and wealthy region in the world of Nova Chrysalia, seemingly unaffected by the threat of the impending apocalypse. More screenshots can be found on the Lightning Returns game page.

Fans that played the previous XIII titles might recognise an old acquaintance of Lightning’s. Why are the once allied companions at arms? We’re sure you have plenty of questions, so stay tuned for future updates at this year’s E3 expo.

As an additional treat, admirers of the track featured in the trailer, can get a little insight into the song’s creation with the following clip. “The Savior” is out now to download via the iTunes Store.

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I was wondering how do i register the first part of Final Fantasy XIII? I can't find it anywhere in the container that it is in. I registered the second part of it.
I think the opening E3 video look's great! XD
You guys say what you wanna say... think what you wanna think... believe what you wanna believe... BUT I thought FF X-III "is" awesome... XIII-2 "is" awesome as well (using "is" because they still are great games despite being a couple of years old)... and X-III:LR will be awesome - that's for sure. I can't really finding the logic in buying a game if you hate it or dislike it so much. There will always be FF XV for you. You can skip a series and play the games you really like most, what's the problem with that? Surely it won't be the end of the world for you once you skip a series, right? If ever you love the old games so much - they will always be there for you to play them again. No one's stopping you...

Talking in general, not meant for a particular individual. It's been years since the release of FF X-III and the ******** still goes on. I find that... strange...
Well it over our fears were true they lied to us ffv13 same action RPG delay after delay miss a gen after it was [promise].

It your turn SE at E3 whatever you say will be suspect, like me will never trust you & others.
i had enough of nomura's emo characters and their weird hairstyle..
* but serious I would like the ps3 to have a FF why not I'm still hopeful that new FF will be a cross consoles ps3 & ps4 as watchdog is too.
Yes I now know it reported on thesixthaxis too but what FF the pic next to the headline was FF7.

Yup a perfect troll lol ^_^
Thanks for clearing things up once and for all. ^_-
@Ben Bateman That sucks :(
LR for PC - Misprint Confirmed?
Yup, that was a mistake - woops!
"...if FF is a Xbox one exclusive the whole Internet world will just explode. "

Well...Amazon France Lists Final Fantasy for PS4
Well tonight the night I'm all hype for E3, Sony press presentation kick off at 2am, what megaton annoucemets they bring and what the chance SE is involved?

Sony can't announce the Ps4 again we know about it we know the games for it, they can't announce that as the megaton, we will see the ps4 etc etc

Also games for ps3 & ps4 but I like features for ps3 & ps4 example evolve plus services added ps4 to get plus treatment.

I'm more worry about MS what devilish they got plan we found at 6pm if FF is a Xbox one exclusive the whole Internet world will just explode.

So get your tissues at the ready just in case. *_*
Yes, look. It can't be a fake:
More likely a misprint rather than a mistake.
I was just reading up about the Lightning Returns demo, apparently it's quite good and the battle system has changed a lot! It'd be great if after E3 we could get a shot at that demo through PSN!
I'm leaning more towards that being a fake than real.
@Grimoire If it's true that it's coming to PC that would be awesome! But I'll wait for official info before getting excited.
Poster says Final Fantasy XIII-3 is coming to PC
Any news on what the USA and EU will be getting for Lightning Returns as Japan has the Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Box :-(
Just a shame we cant order it as SquareEnix dont deliver outside of Japan and i cant find any other shop that has a pre-order for it.
Any news or info (even a link to be able to pre-order the box set from a site) would be greatly appreciated.
* opps I mean to say I'm sure it won't be 600 but for......
I do take offence to be lied, mislead, treated with our region better then your region from every dev even Sony draconian muti region policy.

Example what would happen we buy a Ps4 that cost 500/600 quid to play a new FF then only to found out that SCEE will have the same c r a p y service we got with ps3.

The last time I read they say it could cost 600 quid. I'm it sure it will be 600 but for that price we need a better region of content on All region MS can do it games on time.
BTW loving snows new look he does look older but thats not a bad thing at all i can't fricken wait for this game dude but until it comes out looks like KH AND FF X HD are going to be on the top of my list :)
@Mad_Angel ok let me try a different approach I am not saying in anyway you cant have your own opinion what im trying to say is why come on to a square enix website and start bashing there most beloved franchise that makes no sense you can go somewhere else and bash it but by doing it here its offensive and comes off like your trying to be a troll is all I didn't mean to be so rude earlier and i apologize I'm just saying please take those kind of comments to a different website because as a huge FF fan it leaves a sour taste in my mouth to have to read those comments when i want to read comments about the game not bad comments see my point just try to take it somewhere else if you want to bash it

@neo I agree with you i have played every FF game ever made its even gotten to the point where that will be all i play is every FF over and over again the music, story, and graphics everything is just breath taking i never get the same feeling i get playing FF games when i play other games its just always going to be my favorite game no matter what they release ill always love it
wow, that snow really looks so old, but also
i think that many fans want to know if vanille and fang
are going to come back, or what happend with them?
please tell us ¡¡¡
@Neo =)
@Mad_Angel When I was taking about fanboys that keep hating on the XIII series, I wasn't referring to you, since you obviously have clear and solid arguments. Even though I don't agree with most of them (with the exception of the music part, which I also thought was pretty bad in this trailer), they're good arguments and based on what you've seen from the entire series. Admittedly, the XIII series wasn't liked by everyone in the gaming world but hopefully the day will come very soon that Square-Enix will drift us all away to yet another gaming experience that'll make us forget about everything else, just like what happened with VII so many years ago. Until then, these are the games we have, and everyone's entitled to their opinion about them. I respect yours, you respect mine, even if we don't see eye-to-eye. End of story.

@Cloudsmiles999 I just really love the series and every new addition has something new to offer. It's not just the breathtaking graphics or the awesome music that keeps me coming back, but it's the amazing way this franchise can tell stories. I love all the stories behind every FF game. That's what keeps me coming back!
-The Chinese version will be released the same day as the Japanese: November 21.

-More about the controller

@Neo I'm sorry to hear you're tired of all the criticism XIII has suffered throughout the years, but I fail to understand the (your) argument that if someone (I) doesn't blindly praise a game he's (I'm) not allowed to express his (my) opinion. That is the most basic argument fanboys make and is even more detrimental to the game industry than a rage troll. As I see it, everyone is entitled to express his opinion, may it be good or bad, as long as it is done in a constructive manner. That is the definition of "discussion" and the sole purpose of these forums/blogs. In the end, you need to see past the trolls and the blind fanboys who can't formulate coherent arguments and, for that reason, resort to personal attacks. If you can't? Either grow up or deal with it because one sided discussion are nothing more than mere pandering.

Enough of off-topic, on to the subject that really matters. I too play games for the story and gameplay. Maybe that is the reason why I defend FFX-2 for the sole reason it had a fast paced, deep, strategic, and fun combat system. But you don't need to play a game to evaluate it graphics-wise. I've never played Journey and I sure can't play LR right now, so I just compared their desert levels from what I saw in trailer form and, personally, I'm a little disappointed with how the game looks. I don't know if I'll like the story, you need to play the game first to know that. But from the trailer I can't conclude nothing more than, graphics-wise, the game doesn't live up to the high standards we expect from a FF game. Does that make it a bad game? No. Is that detrimental to the experience? Yes, but I'll play it nonetheless cause I love RPGs, and FF games in particular.
@Mad_Angel Dude neo said it already what are you doing here you are obviously not a true final fantasy fan so get off and go play something else. No one asked you for your opinion we all know its the "cool" thing to hate final fantasy 13 but go do it somewhere else this is a square enix website for god sake what are you expecting to find on here. Btw the trailer looked amazing im sorry but how stupid do you need to be to judge an entire game based on a 1 minute trailer nobody is going to listen to you. I have been a final fantasy fan for years now and i will be for years to come and ive played 13 plenty of times and while it isnt my favorite FF its still a very great FF i enjoy it so much honestly im so sick and tired of seeing final fantasy "fans" like you dog on the game it gets old if you want to hate like i said take it to hate on FF 13 blog and get off of square enix and also like neo said who cares if they pushed it back if you hate the game so much why are you ******* about them pushing it back just dont play it retard oh and slso i have played uncharted and while its good it doesnt even come close to final fantasy 13 in terms of graphics you would have to either be blind or ******** which u r to think uncharted looks better that Final Fantasy you dont even deserve the right to have that garland picture you butt hurt whiny baby

@neo I just gotta say its a breath of fresh air to meet an actual final fantasy fan who cares about the series enough to defend it keep goin on strong dude FF for life
Really? They used the word "worldwide"? THEN LET'S BURN THEM TO THE GROUND!!!

Sorry neo, but they clearly meant that Lightning Returns was going to get a released in all regions in Autumn.
@alistair6969 SE doesn't have to justify anything. The game comes out when it comes out, buy it if you want to, if you feel you've been betrayed just don't buy it. For the record, the Lightning Saga Presentation held back in September was in Japan, so apparently they were speaking about the local area's release date, which is true (Japan gets it this November).

@Mad_Angel I don't see what you wrote as a personal attack against me, I see it as an attack against the game. Everyone's hating of the XIII saga is getting so tiring and frankly, going on a page just to make comments about how awful something looks or why it's even being created is desrespectful to others that might actually want to play the game. I know FF XIII was linear and not as good as it's predecessors but it really doesn't deserve all the trashing it's getting. I never played Uncharted, Journey, or any other game that involves walking around with a character that holds a gun and kills zombies or soldiers or whatnot, but I never went online to trash them. I enjoyed this trailer because it gave some form of information. What happened to Snow or Noel after everything went to **** at the end of XIII-2. What's the battle system like. And though I may agree with you about this particular music, I like what they've done with it visually. New towns, new AMV's, more interractable NPC's. In my opinion, it's shaping up to be quite a game. No, I'm not disappointed because I can't see the grains of sand in the desert and even if Uncharted did it better, I'm okay with it. I'm not playing this game for that.

As for the difficulty to understand what was behind the whole story of both XIII and XIII-2, that was part of it's beauty. In my opinion, it's good to have to work for it instead of having it all handed out to you.
That may be true, then it was a mistake to announce it to be out this autumn 2013.

But I do not buy that no game is ever 100% perfect h e l l ffv13 is so delay often do you think we have 200% perfect game. ^_^
I'm kind of glad it got delayed, If we got it early what would happen if we find alot of glitches with the game. seriously.
that what I thought I said in the E3 thread why that date it shows my point Never believe SE lies & mistrust. I said it often enough this is a good example of that.

1 post said 1 thing, the next post said another = lies, misleading, mistrust.

I like to see how ppl defend SE on this & SE try to wiggle out of it lol. :D
The disappointing part of the trailer is that the game will only be released in 2014 after we were promised an Autumn release.

Not going to bother with the argument, but I do want to say that I don't know why people complain so much about getting story through the datalog in XIII when everything that is essential to understand the game is revealed in the cutscenes.

Sorry for that typo.
February 2014?! It was originally planned for Autumn 2013. And you drop that info at the end of the trailer without mentioning it on the blog post, like nobody would notice it -.-

By that time Xbox One (and maybe PS4...but probably not in Europe) will already be released and neither of them are backwards compatible, so this will be a game for the "old"-gen.

And they are already going to announce a Final Fantasy for next-gen next week, (an Square Enix executive said so during the PS4 reveal event) who knows how many years we'll have to wait for that one. And where will X/X-2 fit in the caldendar?
@Neo What I don't understand is your hatred towards my opinion of the trailer. Not of the game. The trailer. OFC SE can't explain everything in a 1:40 video but, apart from a few new places and faces, the trailer is devoid of content.

Please don't take my opinion as a personal attack. I know the internet is full of trolls and people now assume a full defensive position, but I try to foster healthy discussions with my comments and I would really like to know what I failed to see in the trailer that amused you so much. Also, and if you are on the mood, since you picked up at my desert comment so much, I would love to hear your opinion on how LR's desert compares with Uncharted's or Journey's desert.

Side note, I'm disappointed you failed to catch my witty comparison between XIII's inability to explain the story and this trailer's inability to convey new information. Instead you jumped to the conclusion I didn't understand the XIII trilogy. Me sad...
I don't even call myself a fan, but I still enjoyed this trailer.
@Mad_Angel You expected everything about the trilogy to be answered in a 1:40 video trailer??

It just seems to me that you're not all that familiar or even fond of the FF XIII saga. If this hurts your eyes, why even put yourself through it? Anyway, this is the internet, I suppose this is your opinion. My opinion is that I find this trailer very impressive and I've actually been longing for this game ever since that ending scene in Final Fantasy XIII-2. I guess that in your eyes, I have low standards in gaming but what can I say, I'm a fanboy!
"Avoid personal attacks on others. A player’s passion for a game can run high, but that isn’t license to target others in the heat of an argument."

Everyone is welcome, and that's that.
@Neo Now that is the XIII attitude I know and love: We don't explain anything through video or cutscene. Just go read it somewhere else *cof*Datalog*cof*

What I'm doing here? Well, I'm expressing my opinion in a constructive, structured, and substantiated way. What are you doing here? All I know about your opinion is that you don't agree with me...
@Mad_Angel Actually, if you click on that link from siliconera down below you'll get to see a pretty exciting new battle system! The schema system is new and unique and blends the action element with turn-based RPG in a great way! If the music, tthe voice acting and the graphics are unappealing to you and you don't even know what's going on in this trailer storywise, then answer me this... What are you even doing here?
Cosplaying Kadaj, huh?
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