There's a survivor in all of us


Watching gamers all around the world play the game you've been working hard on for many years is always going to be a nerve-racking experience. Thanks to a huge network of servers, genius programmers, and expert metric analysts, we have the tools needed to paint a picture of how people are playing our games.

On Tomb Raider's launch day we were on tenterhooks; staring at a giant monitor as the first few people jumped into the game and the live statistics appeared. And boy, was it like opening the floodgates! The stream of data came rushing in, and while the experts in our office were keeping an eye out for any problems, I instead enjoyed tracking some of the more interesting statistics.

Did you know that in your collective mission to survive and quash Lara's hunger - but of course also to suck up that all-important XP - the community has killed a collective 5,294,879 deer? Sorry Bambi...

FeeFee and his friends didn't fare much better either, with the community collectively killing a total of 1,417,750 crabs - snatching you an achievement in the process.

But killing deer and eating crab cakes isn't what makes Lara a survivor. Together you've taken everything that's thrown at you, escaping the clutches of death, delivering Lara to safety so she can fight another day. Lara has had 13,742,891 close calls and you've outwitted your enemies by dodging them 11,067,764 times.

No arrow in the knee jokes here - you're incredibly skilful with the bow! You've risked it all to save your loved ones, dispatching 147,675,058 enemies with the bow (20,601,083 of those with fire arrows). And not being one to be waste resources you've looted and salvaged a total of 356,988,302 arrows from fallen enemies.

But what makes Lara more than just a survivor to us? She's a Tomb Raider reborn, and together you've embarked on an adventure that's revealed 3,570,956 tombs between you all!

Keep on playing, and we’ll keep on tracking. We’ll have more updates from Lara’s world in due course.

Ratings: PEGI 18USK 18OFLC MA
Platforms: PS3Xbox 360PC


where can I get help if im stuck on tomb raider on ps4
Try the official forums:
Didn't find appropritate topic or forum so I post it here. I like the game though it is not as good as Uncharted 3 (I think it's obvious the Tomb Raider franchise is inspired by the Uncharted series). However I've found a serious design flaw during QTE-s in early gameplay. If one disables subtitles for a more cinematic experience (not counting those fatal accidents which should cause Lara's certain death during the first night because of internal bleeding) it becomes unavailable for an unexperienced user to determine what action keys should be pressed 25 times per second. Or just two times, depending on the situation. This makes it really boring to watch Lara dies sixth or seventh time e.g. during a wolf attack (oh, Lara had a gun in her right hand so it's totally meaningless too), and when finally one can overcome such QTE-s the dramatic, emotinal part of Lara's suffering has been long lost. Creators should see how QTE-s are implemented into The Witcher 2 and Assassin's Creed 3. That is how you should have done it. (I'm talking about the PC version).
I am missing 1 mine on shipwreck beach and cannot find grenade ammo to get the last relic please help
please help where do i put the tomb raider code?????
can anyone please tell where i put the tomb raider code
Those are pretty interesting statistics! I'm glad to be a part of it, haha. It's only going to increase too, because I still have to do another run-through on HARD difficulty. A job incredibly well done on such an amazing game, kudos to the entire staff.
and i know i got odee head shots!!!
Are there is more dlc for additional tombs????
cause i ended the story and found all the relics caches and documents
and really liked the tombs
and i wish there were more survivors to fight and kill
I am addicted to this game, thanks :( In a good way :) The story line, the game play, the emotional impact. You make the gamer feel that this is for real!
absolutley Love the game, started playing it today, and am almost through. I almost cried at the graphics! Everything is perfect and beautiful and gory!!!!
Makes me feel so accomplished to know I contributed to all of those numbers haha
Great numbers!And growing!!!
click on my profile on the top right hand side then add game, enter code then its done.
how do you enter code for tomb raider?