In Midgar, a city controlled by the mega-conglomerate Shinra Inc., the No. 1 Mako Reactor has been blown up by a rebel group, AVALANCHE.

AVALANCHE was secretly formed to wage a rebellion against Shinra Inc., an organisation which is absorbing Mako energy, destroying the natural resources of the planet. Cloud, a former member of Shinra's elite combat force, SOLDIER, was involved with the bombing of the Mako Reactor.

Can Cloud and AVALANCHE protect the planet from the huge, formidable enemy, Shinra Inc.?


PlayStation®4 Game

  • Digital Download only
  • £12.99 / €15.99

PC Only Features Include:

  • Achievements – 36 brand new achievements, only available as digital download on PC!
  • Cloud Saves – Continue and save your progress wherever you are. (Requires internet connection)
  • Character Booster – Stuck? Boost your stats for that extra advantage.
  • Optimized for PC – Play FINAL FANTASY VII on the latest hardware.

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What does ERROR CODE: 2 mean?
I cant even start my game, I press play and nothing happens.
Yes Redbik there is a Begin Download link but if you click it, it will say it is to late to download the item because you were allowed XXXX number of days. The problem I have is that I downloaded my "max" copies for multiple computers and not one of the computers is telling me that I need to re-activate the product(which I did just 8 days ago). When I enter the info it says the product has already been activated on this computer or the maximum activations has been reached. ***! This is by the dumbest DRM I have ever encountered. I love SE and most of the games they put out, but this is really ******* me off.
I have serial number in MY ACCOUNT information in SE Store. There is redownload link too
i cant find the serial that I used to buy this game, every other digital provider normally gives you a link within your account to either re-download OR the serial you activated. I have traweled through my email. and they go back to 2004 and I am unable to find the serial. They really need to look to profesionals for digital distribution will try and link it to my steam account and see if I can get it there instead. Really is a dogs dinner for support. no wonder I remembered not to play the new mmorpg because of the horrible interface they have employed. Square 1 word of advise simplicity.
I've had few issues since a previous update, however my hard drive recently went and I'm unable to access any data on there, I've since bought a new hard drive and installed this game, I tried to activate it and was given instructions to manually activate/request more activations/de-activate the license using a shoddy command prompt tutorial (on Enix's website). After trying all of the above I tried the SecurRom email address. After 4 emails to them they tell me they cannot help. Now I can't find a way to get this game working. The customer service and layout of Square Enix's customer care pages are a disgrace! I'll never buy anything from your ****** store again!
If i already have this original on the PSone, and on PSN for ps3/psp. is it worth getting it for pc?
For those of you can't save your games online ... I have the same problem and contact Square-Enix support, the trick : login square-enix webpage before running the FFVII Launcher. Be sure to configure Network options with your Square-Enix login. After this you can play with cloud savegames. This works for me. Greetings
i cant link my game on steam to enix profile.
I had a problem with the game not updating (not played for nearly a year) and was having similar peoblems finding a download link or my serial number. click on my account instead of my profile on enix main page. Puts you onto a different screen where you can download etc. I don't know why you can't do this from your profile, seems stupid to me.
I've had no problems whatsoever lol. Everything works fine to me.
I purchased FF7 for pc about 6 months ago but had to wipe my laptop, now I have gone to download the game I purchased and the links no longer exist and square enix will not help, and I would have to buy the game again to re-download it. Do not buy this game as the company that made it available for pc on updated systems are thieving ******** and will not provide you what you have purchased.
I absolutely adore this game. I don't see why everyone is fussing over it being released on steam. Sure, there are a couple problems but, they aren't huge problems. If you have problems with cloud saving, don't use it. If you have problems with graphics, change the settings. If you're going to complain about the steam version, go play the PS version. You don't have to fuss and complain over everything. It's a good game with more pros then cons. Just focus on that.
Downloaded from steam and cannot even sign in nor access through facebook login via steam..... I swear the more you exercise command and control over your products the worse they become. why cant information be free to roam like back in the PS1 days....... FF7 will never make a revival without implementing the battle systems from kingdom hearts and crisis core anyhow... I don't know why I even bother.
i have not been able to gat this game to load
I purchased the STEAM edition of this game and have played it for a total of 2minutes. I AM EXTREEMLY DISAPOINTED. It has sound issues, especially during cutscenes, where the sound stutters and repeats itself and is generally terrible. Then i walk into the second area, and the textures are messed up, large black squares everywhere. UNBELIVABLE PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS VERSION OF THE GAME, IT IS SHOCKINGLY BAD!
I am so ****** right now. I spent 3 weeks playing and all my saved games on the cloud are wiped out. So disappointed with this purchase.
just downloaded via steam and this is the most hoops i have ever had to jump through for a game ever seriously not happy according to steam i've played 19 min and i havent even started - bad form
I had to make two accounts because log system is not "user friendly", I've lost 2 hours of playing game... What if that was 50 hrs??! Also i have the games from three days and cloud save doesn't work properly... Square what's going wrong with you???
The game works fine, but it looks like the save file system doesn't work properly.
Please let us know when the cloud saving issue is fixed... My profile is clean again
xhaptmnHonu, My issue with this is not with the DRM (which is already there in the Steam client anyway) but with the fact that I just bought this so I could play it on my long journeys to and from work. As I have no web connection on these journeys, I feel more than a little put out. Especially as this ridiculous necessity for logging in adds no benefit to me as a customer whatsoever. As for your "You're entitled to your opinion, yes, but don't shove it on those of us that actually WANT to enjoy the game, regardless of DRM.", I have to say that I am astonished by your selfishness. If you have no problem with it great, let those that do make their feelings known and you get back to enjoying the game.
Wow, this is som serious ********. The save system is just awful, made me lose a 30 minutes game and made me start all again. And why on earth have I to make an account here? Really disappointed, been waiting this game for ages just to find that!
Why on Earth do I need to login to play the solo game Square Enix? What on earth were you thinking? i don't want a SE account, I already have a steam one!
Are we really that butthurt about DRMs? If it's your prerogative to cheat companies out of their money, then by all means do so, but leave your butthurt complaints at home, no one cares. You're entitled to your opinion, yes, but don't shove it on those of us that actually WANT to enjoy the game, regardless of DRM.

SE DRM= Id rather pirate it even though i have the actual discs or get it on PSN. DRM should be punished by pirateing it, yes its ironic but thats how it works. The witcher 1 drm version was pirated more then teh non drm one.
...There's a reason people buy hacks and mods Square Enix, so listen up real good. Number 1 - You obviously don't know how to set mapping controls. I'm not going to necessarily blame you for not being able to support certain gamepads(cause that *could* be laziness on the manufacturer's part, although I doubt it) but the default button layout is so *** backwards and awkward I almost stopped playing right there. It's simple... there were four buttons on the ps1 in a semi-square shape. Is that so hard to keep on a keyboard? Number 2 - ....I can't for the life of me find this 'cloud booster' that is needed to do cloud saves. Number 3 - What the hell did you do to the music? I could have sworn that even the Playstation's sound was better then this. MIDI files? Are you serious? Dude... You realize raw midi's are HUGE in filesize compared to say... mp3s... or .ogg... or just what the **** was the director of this thinking? You could more easily port... just nevermind. You corporate ******* will never understand why **** gets pirated - Because the quality and use of the data/service/object is BETTER.
Square Enix will never get a penny of my money again. They should give people who bought Final Fantasy VII from them on this site a Steam code. The DRM is horrible also. Square Enix is going to fail.
@JPL_Avalonm Final Fantasy X. And yes, it is set in the canon of FF7, just several millenia later.
@ajkiller @TomKnapp log in to the square store at Click on My Account. The download links are there.
Purchased this game, played it a few times. My PC crashed and now I have to "buy" the game again to install again? This is BS.
I can't reset my password because it tell me my security-question answer is wrong. I've tried adding a space before/after, caps, nothing works. I can't remember what my password was, I used my Steam account when making a Square Enix account. When I log in onto the website I log in fine, but when I try logging in from the FF launcher it won't work.
if anyone is having problems and you cant find support from square enix it is here took me ages to find it, if it is not in the q and a there is a contact button there to, hope this helps people, wanted to save y'all the trouble
I will absolutely never buy another game from the Square Enix store again. God forbid I ever need to re-download a digital copy of a game I already paid for, even when I haven't used up my 3 activations. Then instead of allowing us to download it from Steam, we get a 20% discount on a different purchase. I would rather pay 20% extra to get the same game from Steam instead of this extortionist ********.
I just bought it downloaded it and when I start the installer it finishes almost instantly and theres only two folders in the final fantasy 14 folder, "boot" and "game" and when I start the launcher in the boot folder it tries to update the launcher and updater but stops and says unable to update patch files [11005][20815][20866][19900][32] I've downloaded it a couple times now and uninstalled and reinstalled but it keeps doing the same thing I don't know what to do....
I have lost the game when I delate dates of my computer. Can I download again free
can I play this with a PS3 controller?
i boughtit half hour ago..i press on play adi see the screen for the keyboard setup.but then i stuck.pls help.i play it on win 8
ajkiller - log in to the square store at CLick on My Account. The download links are their.
can we not re-download the game, i brought it on release for PC and recently had a system crash and new computer i refuse to pay yet again, is it true the because its been 30 days i gotta pay again to get this game?
where do I get my activation code
Hello I cant get it to work, I start it up, log in and press play but nothing happens. Can someone help? I don't want to re download it because i have read a lot about all of the problems this game is having and iam starting to wish that i didn't spend $10 on nothing.
@Phil Ellicott: I never played the original PS1 version of the game, so I guess one could say that I don't feel as close to this music issue as some people here, but after seeing all these complaints and SE's/your response to them, I have only one question that I think everyone here would appreciate having answered: Why? Why did DotEmu, the team responsible for porting the game, not include the original soundtrack? File size certainly isn't an issue, and since you could easily have provided them with the original soundtrack files, creating new MIDIs to use in their place would actually require additional effort, the kind of effort that meant the design team at DotEmu had to have made a conscious decision (or not have had any choice in the matter) about this. Can you give us any insight as to their reasoning behind that decision, or the kinds of circumstances that would have prevented you from letting DotEmu include the original soundtrack?
Okay... This is just bull and you know it. I bought this version of the game the day it came out I never got a download link for the game and had to get it through less then offical channels. I lost my main HDD in a crash a few weeks ago and I am in the process of putting games back on my computer. Today I went to download Final Fantasy VII and guess what you never fixed the download link and now I see I only had 30 days to download it from the link you provided well that is just GREAT! ANY other service that offers games like this would allow me to download the game again that is the point of having digital sales! It isn't like you don't have a record of me buying it IT IS ON MY ACCOUNT PAGE! I would just download a copy of it from the internet like I did when I bought the game to begin with but it seems you are cracking down hardcore on anyone who is sharing this file which BTW is also bull I mean if you don't want to distribute this game digitaly to people who have bought it officialy then let someone else do it! I will never buy a game from this store again... I have learned my lession.
This game is the reason i play videogames. I have yet to stumbel upon its like. THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER CREATED! This is Mona Lisa, Bethoven, Maradona, Casius Clay and better still!
Hello I bought the game yesterday, but I had to uninstall it, I tried to download it again and the message
ERROR ID: 5007, and when I try to reuse the e-mail tells me ERROR ID: 10011.
What does it mean, and how can I do to re-download the game ....
@Apertureman, Nevercrymoon, yes it sucks big time. Did you folks ever sort it out?. I think the se store and square Enix registration are actually separate accounts. I registered again on the SE Europe site today after coming back to this game after a couple of days. The 2 accounts are now linked but I still get a different error when trying to sign on the game.. Am I missing something really simple here?.
Where do I get my Serial number to activate the game for PC
I'm having the same issue regarding the link to the steam account- I only linked it because I thought it would save time and make things easier, now I really regret it. Please tell me there's a fix for this!