Just Cause 2


Dive into an adrenaline-fuelled free roaming adventure.
As agent Rico Rodriguez, your orders are to find and kill your friend and mentor who had disappeared on the island paradise of Panau. There, you must cause maximum chaos by land, sea and air to shift the balance of power. With the unique grapple and parachute combo, BASE jump, hijack and create your own high-speed stunts. With 400 square miles of rugged terrain and hundreds of weapons and vehicles, Just Cause 2 defies gravity and belief.

On the island nation of Panau, rival gangs wage war in the streets while the ruthless dictator Baby Panay exercises a system of oppression and corruption against his own people. Somewhere on the island, your friend and mentor Tom Sheldon has disappeared with top-secret intel and millions in Agency cash. As Rico Rodriguez, the Agency’s most dangerous weapon, you must infiltrate the island and locate Sheldon, setting off a violent chain of events that will set Panau ablaze.


Key Features


  • Take to the air like no other game. Experience total aerial freedom with the unique parachute and dual grapple.


  • Freefall, BASE jump, vehicle surf, parasail, skydive, grapple, slingshot, leap between vehicles, hang from helicopters, scale buildings. The impossible is within your grasp.


  • Your best tool is now a weapon. Fire two shots with the grapple hook and attach unwilling enemies to high-speed vehicles, hang them upside down from buildings, tether objects in mid air. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination.


  • Explore the island paradise; from sprawling cities, secluded beaches and towering mountain peaks – more than 400 square miles of your own personal playground.


  • Hundreds of objectives can be completed in any way or order that you choose. When it’s time for a break from Agency business, kick back and enjoy all the attractions that Panau has to offer.


  • Catch air on a high-speed dirt bike, race across the sea in a power boat, or fire a spread of rockets from an attack chopper – more than 100 land, sea and air vehicles are yours for the taking.

Just Cause 2 Minimum PC System Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7 (Windows XP is unsupported)
Processor: Dual-core CPU with SSE3 (Athlon 64 X2 4200 / Pentium D 3GHz)
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 8800 Series / ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro with 256MB memory or equivalent DX10 card with 256MB memory
Memory: 2GB RAM
DirectX: Microsoft DirectX 10
Hard Drive: 10GB of free drive space
Optical Drive: DVD
Sound Hardware: 100% DirectX 10 compatible sound card
Internet connection: Internet connection required for product activation
Input: Keyboard and Mouse (Microsoft Xbox360 controller optional)

Just Cause 2 Recommended PC System Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7 (Windows XP is unsupported)
Processor: Intel Core® 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom X3 2.4GHz
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 Series with 512MB / ATI Radeon HD 5750 Series with 512MB or equivalent DX10 card with 512MB memory
Main Memory: 3GB
DirectX: Microsoft DirectX 10.1 with Vista SP1
Hard Drive: 10GB of free drive space
Optical Drive: DVD
Sound Hardware: 100% DirectX 10 compatible Dolby Digital 5.1 sound card
Internet connection: Internet connection required for product activation
Input: Keyboard and Mouse (Microsoft Xbox360 controller optional)

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when i get my plane and stuff????????????
Does any one if u can mod ps3 to have multiplayer
also r they incorporating multiplayer in to JC3
super jeu mais il faudrait un mode multijoueur
the best game in the world
One location glithed up on me. I now have 368/369 done :( With an overall completion of 99.11% Woo!!
THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER. i cant wait until JC3 comes out. i hope it will have new awsome maps and vehicals and GUNS!!!!!!!
when does JC3 come out.I cant wait!
hi i cant register on http://www.justcause.com the page wont load???
If anyone doesn't now, multiplayer is a mod on the PC.
THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!!! Ive played over 90 hours of it amazing, cant wait for JC3 does any one have any info on it i would greatly appreciate it.
i love this game jadore ce jeux
Top Spiel hat mir gefallen !!!
where do i get multiplayere?
how u get multiplayer goin if its calasic version on xbox 360
Muito bom o jogo,só não consigo registrar...vale a pena!
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then cud people play do you dont find that a good choice
what do you now abbout square enix ha
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hey everyone wants to play the game - otherwhise i will say to everyone dont buy this game -------- but i will play this game
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Please don't post serials. Thanks.
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i'm very like this game
do any oneknow how to get this game to work... were do i find the steam key? it´s just say that it´s not the right key:C please help me:D
Très bon jeux !!! Vivement Just Cause 3
i'm very like this game
it is a very cool game just bought it today
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hey do some one know how to play this game i mean like playing cuz i get only info about it and nothing more then info and vids so HELP ME TELL ME HOW !!! I WANT TO PLAY IT SO BADLY!!!!!!!! pls.
can anybody please help me....! this cd key what i have not matches. thre is:invalid product code . So what iS THE VALID CODE????
in this game is no cheats.... SO THAT`S NOTHING like
i have same problem as you, TRollKa the key what have for my doesn`t work in my computer.what i can do ? Nothing
I buy a disc,steam requires a CD key but in the box is only *product registration card* but it is only for this site,help please where can i see the key (I'm not English I speak Russian)
Awww Es Bueno Ud's Q Dicen ? ._.
Are there any cheats for this game?
how do you play the game i made an account and i cant play
After we register the game , why i still can`t play the game ?
how can you play just cause 2
mini gunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss will whup your heinie
a quoi sair le code de justcause2 sur xbox360
salvo el multijugador [ :( ] es un juegazo es muy largo y divertido. se echa en falta mas misiones de la agencia y menos misiones secundarias. sauf pour le mode multijoueur [: (]. est un grand jeu est très longue et le plaisir sont absents, mais les missions de l'agence et des quêtes secondaires moins. except for the multiplayer [: (] is a great game is very long and fun. are missing but the agency missions and side quests less
the code are in a little card in the game. the game must be original. to redeem the game must go to the arrow in the corner next to the profile page and click on add new game. there you must write the code.
le code sont dans une petite carte dans le jeu. Doit être le jeu original. de racheter le jeu doit aller à la flèche dans le coin à côté de la page de profil et cliquez sur nouveau jeu add. Faut-il vous écrivez le code.
hey guys ! plase can you help with the ''product code'' please! :/
the game is awsome
comment entré des code
ou son les code