Tomb Raider


The cinematic action-adventure that forced Lara Croft to grow from an inexperienced young woman into a hardened survivor has been re-built for Xbox One and PS4, featuring an obsessively detailed Lara and a stunningly lifelike world. To survive her first adventure and uncover the island’s deadly secret, Lara must endure high-octane combat, customize her weapons and gear, and overcome grueling environments. The Definitive Edition of the critically-acclaimed action-adventure includes digital versions of the Dark Horse comic, Brady games mini-artbook and combines all of the DLC.


Lara Croft presented in unprecedented high definition detail:

  • An all new Lara model created to take advantage of the power of next-gen consoles
  • TRESS FX technology that delivers realistic hair simulation and motion with every strand being physically active
  • Shader and lighting reworked to showcase the raw physicality of Lara’s journey through sweat, mud, and blood materials and effects

 A physical world put in motion thanks to brand new hardware architecture:

  • The world has been dynamically brought to life using complex physical world simulation on trees, foliage, cloth, weather, lighting and effects
  • All texture resolutions have been created at 4x resolution for maximum resolution and detail
  • In-game characters, enemies and destructibility have been enhanced for added depth and realism
  • Subsurface scattering technology implemented to capture the most physically accurate lighting simulation and deliver a great sense of believability
  • Native 1080p gameplay gives outstanding visual fidelity and showcases the beauty of Yamatai in all its high definition glory

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Wonderful game. Loving it so far. It's so refreshing to have traversal stuff that isn't automated 'one button does all' like Drake and Ezio's outings. Loving exploring the detailed environments and all the different ways Lara can clamber about. It reminds me of the older Tomb Raider games: examining an environment and working out the best way to get to that high ledge or intriguing cave entrance, and thank you, thank you, thank you, for realising that players actually quite like not be to shot at continuously and enjoy other way of interacting with a game world. Great to have puzzles that require a brain for a change too - very unlike most modern games. The combat is solid and satisfying too. Love the way you can approach encounters in varying ways - not even Assassin's Creed lets you do that these days, and it has 'assassin' in the name! I hope player freedom and dynamic play become the norm again. But if not, I'm glad at least one game isn't playing itself or is a glorified cut scene. Thank you Crystal Dynamics.
BUGGY GAME!! HELP!! on the cliffside bunker level on the tanker i have just defeated a massive boss and two bow wielding men. I then have got rope ascender to pull heavy objects. The first of which when i pull ,the crane which it is hanging from turns yet the object remains where it is hanging in mid air the rope connected to the crane brakes (i guess the object is meant to fall through the floor) but still the object remains in the air, i cannot go forward or go back and ive tried reloading checkpoint and restarting the Xbox but the problem remains. The icon flickers when over the rope object as if its not sure what context it feels its coping with, nearly at the end what can i do? update perhaps?
It must be good, I've only played it for four hours and I'm shouting at the screen already. Playing on PS3, and the quality is the best of the series so far. I just need to make some settings tweeks to allow me to target those darned wolves quicker.
is there a manual?
I bought the limited edition pack so how can I get the bonus for climbing faster?
where do i enter the code to register my copy of the game
Impressive !
Game is very impressive, and especially its Arabic language ,, I hope that all the games in Arabic language ,, Thanks to all who contributed to the Arabization of game
I just finished the game and out of all the tome raider games i played this is the best one i played. The story line is amazing and i like it. keep up the work guys and i hope there will be an nother one like this.
i readylike this game
correction , I have issue with my game on xbox360
I have issue with my hame on xbox360 .. I want Arabic voice over & I bought my disc that only contains English & Spanish voices only from , is there any chance to make other languages available for download from Xbox Live?
i start playing my on Monday
I'm having issues putting in the registration code. The format for my code is 4x4x4x4 and that format is not listed on the "Add a Game" page. Help?
nice game
Nice game and I had much fun playing it. I can't get to 100% because I don't find any grenades to get some relic in the research base, so I'll probably start a new game (and I want to get the 'Chatterbox' achievement). The multiplayer is ok, you can definitely have some fun with it, too, but I like the singleplayer more. I hope I'll be able to get all the achievements eventually and 100% on one save slot :) And yep there are still some bugs both with the graphics (especially if you use tesselation) and with the game itself but overall it's quite good.
just perfect to me, 10/10. Great graphics and soundtrack, and very fluid movements....
This is the best game i've played in years. The story is on par with any oscar winning movie, the score – even better. The action in this game kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. The biggest thing for me with this game is the character development. I have never seen this type of development in a video game before. It reminds me of the main character from District 9. I don't hesitate to say that I think games should be modeled after this game from now on. I have never once played a Tomb Raider game, but if this is the new story and gameplay, you can count on me playing every one from now on.
I love the game. tomb raider has always been a favorite saga of mine and it never disappoint me the game is beautiful
After finishing the game I have to say that this is the perfect origin story. In one game you have managed to successfully introduce and ground a new character and I, for one, am extremely excited for what is to come. Although I hope I don't have to wait ages for a new game I really hope that this doesn't become another game that is churned out every year because the longevity of this series will rely on the next games being made with the same time and care as this one. P.s. The multiplayer while relatively enjoyable is really not needed and I felt that I had more then got my moneys worth with the singleplayer. It will have to be vastly improved or might aswell just be left out of any potential sequels. Overall singleplayer 9.5/10 and multiplayer 6/10.
Deos anyone know where I can go to inform SE about an in-game glitch I can't get past? At the top of Mountain Village, the path just ends at the top of some steps. If I walk further, I so invisible and fall through the map where I have to manually reload the last checkpoint. I can go no further unless they release a patch or if there is a workaround. I play it on XBox360. I've tried reloading game and restarting system. Nothing seems to work.
davvero bellissimo
I'll start by saying I've never played a Tomb Raider game before and thought this would be the time to jump in and I can't stop playing this game its Excellent in every way some company's don't put any effort into the games there making anymore its nice to play a good quality game like this. Great Job!!!
Excellent game can't wait for next,great to see good a company is still out there all content was priced right & not rip off like so many other's Tomb Raider back from the dead with a "BANG"
I will the akimbo 4 the pistol. 1 weapon hot 2 Weapons on akimbo Amazing
This game is down right amazing, and surprisingly enough i like the multiplayer even though i thought i was going to hate it :P
I love this game so far. I have the same question about the registration code, my code is a sequence of 4x4x4x4. There is no way to enter the code.
Ok, playing on Xbox, I am 73% into the game, and on the mission 'Save Alex'- again, after defeating Boris you have to pull the box over to open the entrance. It gliched, the crane moves but the box doesn't. I can't go backwards, I restart from checkpoint after Boris and shoot the crate and same thing. Anyway for an update to title to fix the glitch.
First Hitman Absolution and now Tomb Raider, two outstanding games. Hitman was an absolute dream to play matched the origonal and more and as for Tomb Raider OMG what an amazing game. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics should be proud. I am one satisfied customer. I hope other game companies sit up and take note because games that are made with this much passion gives people the confidence to buy future products :)
how do i get the game tombraider
I am having *trouble dealing with the wolf
I am having dealing with the wolf in the Mountain Village, after getting Rolf's pack. I can't seem to take the wolf, no matter what I do! Whenever the game says to hit 'F' it always seems to be to late, help! Obviosly I am playing the PC version ...
This is the best most amazing tomb raider ever. I've loved every minute of the game. I've really felt the emotion through out the game play. Only down side is its a little glitchy in some areas. For example the game freezes occasionally and when taking cover a bullet still kills you.
Anyone any idea how I enter my combat pack code??? I can't find an option anywhere?? Cheers,David.
Thid has to do with the part where you head toward the radio tower. Does anybody know how to get past the steam pipes a second time. The first time I went through was no problem and then I sat down at the campfire outside to the right of the exit. Then I went back to the previous camp(previous checkpoint) to get all the collectables but now it won't let me through the steam pipes any more. Does this mean I have to start all over again? That would be a real pain in the #$%!@!! Any tips or suggestions are welcome. GRTZ SWIGS
Having the same issue as pokey. Bought the game on Xbox, have my code, trying to enter on this site (not on my Xbox ) but it only gives you two format choices to pick from and neither format matches that of the code I received with the game. So how can I enter my registration card?
I can say without the slightest hint of doubt, this is the greatest game I've ever played. I don't even play multiplayer, but the single player campaign has a compelling story driven by the most believably human game character ever created. I feel for her every minute of her struggle as she demonstrates all the most beautiful and courageous parts of a real girl. And at the end, she's the real life legend. Now to mention the absurdly beautiful graphics; allot of games can boast good models and lighting, but when every moment of gameplay and every tweak of the camera looks absolutely perfect, that's something to behold. From the smooth controls and new innovative platforming the exploring is, naturally right what youd expect from the icon that made exploring in games popular to begin with. My favorite part, however, is the brutal combat. You feel every moment of it from the impact of a shot fired to the frantic scrambling for cover, and most importantly it amplifies the story's humanity in that you feel you have to KILL these men before they kill you, just to survive. Its beautifully human.
Does anyone have the answer about how to get the downloadable content please?
this game always crashes..
Hey pokey, you enter your code on your profile here, not on your PS3 as I also tried to do. Enjoy the game.
how i will get hitman weapons dlc tell me
Awesome game! Well worth the wait, I've loved every moment I've spent with Lara and helping her struggle to stay alive.
How do you get the Hitman: Absolution guns?
How do i get the dlc guns i put the code on this and no guns
Cool game
a co-op would welcome!
Does any one know hot to get the Downloadable content for TOMB RAIDER's Multiplayer modes and signature weapons from Hitman: Absolution ?
Loving this game so far!
I'm in love with this game, Square Enix have done a beautiful job.
would be cool if this game gets some co-op challenge pack cos in a small way the tombs would make a nice co-op portal experience