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The Final Fantasy XIII saga will end February 14, 2014 with the return of Lightning! Pre-order your copy now to get the Limited Edition Steelbook or Samurai Collection add-on content. >

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  • FFXIV: ARR launching on the PS4 in 14 days!
    I have the same problem!!! I cant even play the game I just bought im gonna try to fix this again if not I think im returning the game! This sucks! It was perfect during early access now I cant play!!
    Posted by robertolzn2 on 19/04/2014 01:45
  • Outerworld Challenge #4 Results - Lightning Returns
    Honestly, some response at all from Lee or SE in general would be fantastic at this point. At least let us know if there is going to be any chance of consideration for XBOX players. Thanks!
    Posted by knightgator on 18/04/2014 22:05
  • Outerworld Challenge #4 Results - Lightning Returns
    @lee Williams or anyone who has encountered this issue :) me and my wife play lightning returns. i have collected the garbs from teh outerworld challenges but on my wife's game the ff13 mods are not visible. Today i saw a ff13 mod where i collected the last garb and after getting it i switched to my wifes accaunt but the mod was nowhere to be seen. I activated and decativated the outerworld services several time but without result. When i went back to my own accaunt the modf was still there but again not visible when goiing back to my wifes accaunt??? Any ideas how i can see the ff13 mods and my wife not on/in her game ?
    Posted by Crosiss01 on 18/04/2014 20:19
  • Drakengard 3 Collector’s Edition News
    The standard edition is now available on EU store for pre-order and it's... 24 GB! French and English only.
    Posted by Death_Nyx on 18/04/2014 19:32

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