Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Return to Ivalice in this glorious HD remaster of FFXII and for the first time in the West, experience the Zodiac Job System and more! >

World of Final Fantasy

Lead the twins Lann and Reynn on their journey to rediscover their lost memories and save the world of Grymoire from peril! >

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  • The Final Fantasy Portal App is out now!
    On this site, suggess that you forgot your password and change it from the login page.
    Posted by DarkNOVA21 on 25/06/2016 09:46
  • The Final Fantasy Portal App is out now!
    I am having the same problem, cannot log in. So frustrating.
    Posted by Mburdette152 on 24/06/2016 17:39
  • The Road To E3 2016 - Part 3
    This fustrate me. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD only for PS4 This really hurt me
    Posted by EniXoN04 on 23/06/2016 23:01
  • Mad Devils unleashes hellish Nazi demons onto Collective
    Hey guys I had been wondering if there's any chance for a final fantasy with Titas and the gang and I like the old comands not the open world thing call me old but it's a lot more fun like final fantasy x was the new commands is not difficult but I prefer the turn basis that is what final fantasy was built on don't get me wrong if played ever final fantasy u guys made and love all of them from number 1 but that's what it was turn based but now it's kinda not I had played all until 13-3 and was kinda un entertained but over all u guys are doing a great job and hurry up with kingdom hearts 3 will ya lol
    Posted by Johnathan19 on 23/06/2016 21:49

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