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  • The Life is Strange gamescom review round up!
    This looks absolutely fantastic, I hope I get a chance to try it out at EGX! Providing you guys will be attending?
    Posted by Shanef on 21/08/2014 12:42
  • Hey there, Internet.
    @CaptainWitwicky You know it is super interesting to read @Petra's replies... but I think that it might be good time to stop asking questions :) Don't get me wrong I like reading your discussion with her but won't it be kinda bad if we took too much time of precious Petra's life? :D Each time she is writing very long replies... so it wouldn't be weird if she was spending on writing it about 15-20 minutes :D That's kinda long time :P What if she will have to stay longer in her work just because she took too much time replying :P That would be kinda bed :)
    Posted by Phelan on 20/08/2014 16:07
  • Hey there, Internet.
    ... it seems my text was too long, this is part 2 :) There is also something strange happening here. It used to be simple (in the old days), just release the game. But now, more different items can decide a sale or not. That’s not a big issue, everyone decides for themselves, but the more options a developer has, the more “mistakes” can be made. Square Enix, just as an example, has had a vast array of editions for many games, and with increasing numbers of games and options to release it, it’s much more difficult to satisfy the hunger of every gamer but also the ability to bring forth the right decision in the eyes of the customer. In time, a developer should be able to learn what works and what not, but my personal view of this for Square Enix is that it’s going in the wrong direction. Instead of narrowing the field of mistakes and increasing the number of successes, there seems to be a reversed mechanism here. The more games being released, the more elaborate editions there a made accompanied by the wrong decisions, according to my own personal experience and for many other customers when I read comments on different places. Just look at all the releases in the past (let’s say the last 5 years), there have been an increasing number of dissatisfied customers, including me, and the editions and differences per region have been increasing as well. So I wonder, even if everything turns out right for the developer (good sales results for all regions), do they still have those face palm moments (sorry, I had to use it :D) when they are aware of what we, the customers/the fans, are telling about the game and its release? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I know, but don’t they blame themselves ever for releasing it differently per region, or do they not care after release? For example, would they see that people in EU actually wanted the same Collector’s Edition as the US for Lightning Returns? How much weight do comments actually have on a blog like this, and how much time does there need to be before some changes can happen? Also, I think you know what I mean when I say that the Kingdom Hearts HD versions hold more content than the regular versions released years ago. So in this case they found it to be compatible to release the HD versions with more content. Do you know why such a decision could be made in the first place? I mean, there was no real need to re-release the game if I look at other examples, yet Square Enix wanted to release the games with the content that was exclusively to Japan. If I would generalize this, it would mean that all games, and even physical content could be re-released, right? (another small hint to a FFXII HD Remaster with the Japan-only content :D) As always, thank you for reading this and thank you for the answer :)
    Posted by CaptainWitwicky on 20/08/2014 14:51
  • Hey there, Internet.
    I hope it’s not a “it’s going to get worse before it’s getting better” scenario with the upcoming games :D Interesting. You mention that having an item that people want is a win, yet the items I actually wanted were not available for me. Have you seen the slight, yet obvious difference between the EU en US versions of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD? (and the difference between the US and EU versions of Lightning Returns). The Collector’s Edition for the EU sold out (or practically 100% - at least in my region), so I don’t know what was holding back the extra content of the US version to be brought here to the EU, as it clearly indicates that it would’ve have sold enough units to justify it. I know that AC and FF are not the best examples to compare, but they are global and have fans worldwide. So, what I’m trying to say is that it is possible for AC to bring the same content to everyone. I can hardly believe it’s not possible for a franchise as FF. They have done it in the past. I know I keep saying it (“have done it in the past”), but it is true. I can’t imagine that all of the fans here in the EU suddenly decide not to buy the next installment of the FF franchise so that releasing a Collector’s Edition in the EU could never happen, but in the US it would, or in Japan. Sigh, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I like Collector’s Editions too much. Maybe I’m just jealous of others who can get more content than me. I just want the opportunity to choose for myself if I’d want it, not to know that I will not even be able to choose because the developer has decided not to release it here. Maybe I’m living in a dream. I also know that a company needs to survive, but choosing not to continue with a game in its development process is still something different from distributing the game and creating different content for each region. Discontinuing a game means nobody gets it, distributing the game with differences means everyone gets it but not everyone gets the same experience. I suggested that feedback idea because I wanted that the developer got an accurate view of its products. Also, in this way, there is a direct link from consumer to developer, which further strengthens the relationship and should make the trust the consumer has in a developer much greater. Personally, I don’t get the feeling that a forum gives that possibility, mainly because of the random comments and the low level of interaction between visitors and higher decision makers. So…if I were to apply that on to here, I would say you got a **** of a job waiting here for you as a community manager :) It actually is a mess. The highly sensitive business with different custom options for each region, I can understand it is difficult for a studio to stay afloat. I’d like to see it change, that developers can clearly see what their customers want. All things considered, I do believe that a developer needs to step up the game and halt the differences themselves. Creating different editions, creates diversity by itself while many, if not all customers want to be treated the same, especially if I read the majority of comments. ...
    Posted by CaptainWitwicky on 20/08/2014 14:50

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