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  • Drakengard 3 Collector’s Edition News
    I spent weeks planning this message out so I wouldn't come across aggressive or angry. I've settled down a lot from the digital only heartbreak for PAL regions. This was the game that made me buy a PS3, and I am not being denied access to this one game, so please be aware that I am purchasing a physical copy from America. Thanks for all your hard work in trying to get us the same deal as NTSC-U/C users, however I am not buying Drakengard 3 from the PSN. Its a huge file, and I can't download that because of my bad internet download speed. To put that in perspective, I tried downloading the Lightning Returns demo (2GB) earlier this year, and after a month it hadn't reached 25%. Its unfair to assume everyone in PAL regions has the best internet speeds. I'm aware I'm just one person, but Australia has only a tiny fraction of people on decent internet speeds, with some completely without internet due to bad planning. Its a shame that you're (Square Enix Europe) denying yourself business, but its in my honest opinion okay so long as the money from importing customers goes to the actual team that made Drakengard. P.S. Don't blame PAL regions for poor sales if it occurs; you're doing this to yourself. I've explained my circumstances, and I know I'm not alone. And I hope you realise, I'm not being sarcastic. Honestly, thank you for trying.
    Posted by Hackleshot on 24/04/2014 00:37
  • Drakengard 3 – PSN pre-order now open
    I can't find it on the german site, if its ready for pre-order why don't you put a link in the news? I really can not understand that.
    Posted by sebbioh on 23/04/2014 18:22
  • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call announced!
    AWESOME!, absolutely adored the original. Thanks Square :)
    Posted by N4RU7O on 23/04/2014 15:59
  • Kingdom Hearts III in development for Xbox One and PS4!
    They must learn to ps3 PLEASE kh3,? Would succeed if you take the game for ps4? yes, but would be more successful if they remove for ps3, because right now there may be more than half the world with the ps3 and 1 million people with ps4 and it would sell millions of times more if for ps3, I was disappointed a lot to be taken out only for the ps4 x box one, with the money you have and good games you have done, what you have to do is do well to play 3 because if you do you can **** game which formed part of the childhood of very many guys, and all comments are you have seen a very want for ps3 .. so if you want to do well, you would have to remove it for ps3 too;)
    Posted by nitroni on 23/04/2014 15:08

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