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Solve physics based puzzles using heavy construction machinery in The Adventures of Mr. Bobley, now on Square Enix Collective! >

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  • Notice for Square Enix Store customers who purchased Final Fantasy VII
    **** you square enix *****
    Posted by maverick7775 on 07/03/2015 01:05
  • Theatrhythm Thursday – 05/03/2015
    @Toby Palm - Technically 'The Landing' was my first introduction to Final Fantasy. My first experience with the series was a demo for Final Fantasy VIII that came with a special edition of the official Playstation magazine UK. The demo opened with the epic attack on Dollet FMV and 'The Landing'... truly got me hooked on the series, I instantly went out and bought VII (as VIII obviously wasn't out) and have not looked back since... FF dominates my life :P
    Posted by aeonlord92 on 07/03/2015 00:24
  • Nosgoth Open Beta - Play now for free!
    will this game ever be non steam because i cant get steam :( unluckly for me so am realy wondering if there is a chance of this game being non steam
    Posted by misior2 on 06/03/2015 22:10
  • The Square Enix London Podcast: Episode 1
    Very good first podcast, quite interesting and was kept reasonably snappy which is always nice. As ever, all good podcasts need an iTunes feed through. :D
    Posted by Megagold5 on 06/03/2015 21:18

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