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The most interesting aspect of Tokyo Dark's puzzles are not if they can be solved, but in what ways they can be solved and how each solution can affect Detective Itō's stats differently. >

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Life is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. What choices will you make? >

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  • Changes to the Outerworld Services in Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII
    Outerworld Service Question - I have the PS3 Collectors edition I pre-bought from the SquareEnix store, with a bunch of other games at the time. Now that the Facebook link is down.... in the game I try to link to Twitter. The Game tells me to go to the official website for Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and enter Twitter Authentication code 55zz5444. However everything I click on, or research on the web takes me to and it is a language I don't comprehend. Please advise!
    Posted by BoomerJJ on 26/05/2015 05:35
  • Behind the scenes of the Final Fantasy XV Community Feedback Event
    @CaptainWitwicky The funny thing about your argument is that SE actually said that they weren't going to change her look. The problem with all your complaints is that you believe taking fan feedback into account automatically means that they no longer have artistic freedom.
    Posted by Tanthalas on 25/05/2015 18:10
  • Behind the scenes of the Final Fantasy XV Community Feedback Event
    I don't know what i should say about this because if that's the Future of this game it could be in danger if the Developers cannot focus on his own creation and take to much from the Fanbase this game could be in trouble i mean with that self inspiration and own creative ideas like it was before on the past help to improve a game in his best Form but if that's now like that it could be troublesome i mean no one could do a game what will be a like to each and every Human of this World I just really much hope they don't will messing up....
    Posted by NokutisuRushisu on 25/05/2015 16:42
  • Thief's UI & Gameplay Customisation
    Why can't you invert your look? It's so annoying
    Posted by AcidBigsim on 25/05/2015 16:25

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