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  • E3 2015: Square Enix Full Report
    excited to hear ff7 will finally be remade! i am buying a ps4 because of that game i played it when it first came out, and i still do! i just hope the battle system in the new remake won't be the same as ff13.....that would be a huge disappointment, just saying...cannot wait for more upcoming info for this game!
    Posted by sumirestrawberry on 05/07/2015 10:11
  • Little War: Shatter of Serenity ending soon!
    so you guys working on that seiken densetsu game? its almost its 25th anniversary
    Posted by Xx_LS7_xX on 03/07/2015 23:46
  • Update to pre-order charging policies
    Hello, I have a request that would love all FFVII fans support, and it's the Cid Highwind Play Arts Kai figure. I've been collecting FFVII merchandise since the very first day, and it's really sad to see that every single collection, from Bandai Extra Soldiers, to Play Arts, FFVII Edition, FFVII Advent Children, has no Cid at all. I would love you would complete the Kai Series with a commemorative Cid Highwind Figure, and please, don't release sets of figures missing heroes, as happens with Play Arts FFVII with Cid, Barret and the Cait Sith Giant Moogle Mount. Collectors would love to have all of them, so please Cid Highwind for Play Arts Kai.
    Posted by RABNTAH on 02/07/2015 22:41
  • Update to pre-order charging policies
    Hey, SE. Got a question for you. My boyfriend preordered the digital collector's edition of Heavensward for PC. How the heck is he supposed to play it when you never send him a confirmation email, and then when we try to fill out your support form, we can't because he doesn't have an order number or history of buying said product? You sure liked taking his money, but not giving him what he paid for. Sucks to wait more than TWO HOURS on the phone on hold just for your people to tell us that they can't help us. Now he has to open a dispute with his bank about getting his money back from you guys so he can get his game elsewhere. You done effed up, SE. Maybe you should hire more staff for support so people don't have to wait TWO FRIGGIN' HOURS on hold. Sounds like a logical idea to me.
    Posted by Itaksuke on 01/07/2015 23:27

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