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  • FINAL FANTASY VII Remake | PSX 2015 | Message from Yoshinori Kitase
    @Tanthalas my main point is saying it's a bad game before anyone has even played it is silly, how do you know if it's a bad game if you haven't picked up a controller and played it yourself? for all we know the battle system could be the best one ever in a Final Fantasy game and yes fans do have the right to express their displeasure at the changes but some of the things i have read online from so called fans are downright horrible and there is no need for it
    Posted by FullbringBahamut on 30/04/2016 10:12
  • FINAL FANTASY VII Remake | PSX 2015 | Message from Yoshinori Kitase
    @FullbringBahamut They have the RIGHT to change it and fans have the RIGHT to express their displeasure with said changes. And we do have info about it, they have already said that it will be an Action RPG. Considering that and Nomura's track record with previous games (KH and what we've seen in the FFXV demos) there's MUCH reason to be worried about the battle system.
    Posted by Tanthalas on 29/04/2016 21:58
  • FINAL FANTASY VII Remake | PSX 2015 | Message from Yoshinori Kitase
    @Anti_heRoi look up remake OK.....did that remake verb 1. make (something) again or differently. the word differently adjective 1. not alike in character or quality; distinct in nature; dissimilar: 2. not identical; separate or distinct: sounds like changing to me @Tanthalas no it doesn't mean they HAVE too but they have the RIGHT too but we have seen less than a minute of battle gameplay and we have NO info on it so i think before jumping on the hate wagon people should wait for some actual info about it
    Posted by FullbringBahamut on 29/04/2016 18:59
  • FINAL FANTASY VII Remake | PSX 2015 | Message from Yoshinori Kitase
    @FullbringBahamut That's a silly argument. A remake doesn't mean that they have to change the battle system. A new FFVII game that kept the old battle system but upgraded the visuals (including new cutscenes), improved sound quality, and added voice-acting would still be a remake. And this is what the vast majority of the people asking for a remake wanted. I never expected a FFVII remake to have the exact same battle system of the original, what I expected was an improved version that kept the basics of the original. Instead they're shifting FFVII to a different genre. Now I only hope that the battle system is really similar to Dissidia, since the Dissidia games were fun. What I really don't want is FFXV with a FFVII skin on top, because the FFXV certainly didn't impress me.
    Posted by Tanthalas on 29/04/2016 18:37

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