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  • Nosgoth closed beta launching today
    can you guys help me how to get this game on steam it tell me This item is currently unavailable in your region HELP!!!!
    Posted by GioRGuNa13 on 29/07/2014 21:35
  • Limited Edition Announced for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX
    Lol I have the same meaning, was looking for extras aside from the pin. The only sexy thing is the plain cover which gives a classic Final Fantasy feel. But the standard cover I've seen and it, too is sexy in comparison to 1.5 HD remix. So which cover should I go for? But the limited really is extremely sexy. Second, I thought in a collectors edition there would be an in-game feature, like a mickey mouse mini world outside the menu where you go to the black and white disney world and do things that are isolated from the actual game, or sora's halloween costume became equippable in all worlds, or that it had new graphics+. That it was just a pin made me reevaluate my priority and think that if I had to go buy the toy with the game (free, i know) it's because (well I REALLY don't need it. But maybe I do.) I would fulfill my... Thoughts of "special" within from there, and made me feel more special than others, or give it to my kid when I get one, if I HAD been collecting Disney pins (not my thing anyway) but maybe it WILL become a hobby in my family who knows. That's where Sora on one pin would be a must.
    Posted by Findal on 29/07/2014 15:19
  • Limited Edition Announced for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX
    Hi folks, as always, we're passing on your feedback to the team in charge of this project, and if there's any further updates we will of course post them as soon as we get them.
    Posted by Phil Elliott on 29/07/2014 09:41
  • Limited Edition Announced for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX
    I'm speechless... I spent half an hour looking around trying to work out what's in the Limited Edition aside from the pin, only to finally conclude that the Limited Edition is exactly the base product.... with a pin. My mind is boggled. I honestly can't find the words to describe how incredibly lame I find this. Please, Square-Enix people... please tell us there's a good reason that a series that is so close to the hearts of many is not getting the extras that the majority would actually want? A blog is meant for communicating, and perhaps if you'd be more open about the decisions that led to this (if any -- a cheap shot, I know; but apt) people would be more understanding. But with the limited information presented, this seems like the so-manyeth botched special edition. It's all the more distressing because it should be incredibly easy to create an attractive and memorable special edition. Posters, music discs, miniatures, stickers, maps, postcards, lithos -- most of which aren't even expensive to produce. I think that's largely the source of the discontent, at least my own. It's worse because I dare say almost everyone would have gladly spent a little extra to cover the increased production costs. Overall, it's a shame - especially because I primarily came to this blog to see if I could thank you for expanding the shipping options for Theatrhythm (then again, I could argue that should have been the case from the start as well, as it's how I was forced to skip on Drakengard 3). Food for thought, Square-Enix... food for thought.
    Posted by dgbonomo on 28/07/2014 21:27

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